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Specialized services to increase your productivity.

MP4: Plant-wide reliability audit of critical power systems

M2C: Reliability audit of critical automated systems

Electrical coordination study, “ARCFLASH” study

Energy audits: Improve efficiency

Upgrade and modernization of existing electrical equipment

Our fields of expertise

  • Power consumption data collection, processing and analysis
  • Complete analysis of your energy profile
  • Identification and measurement of different sources of consumption
  • Electrical disturbance detection on the network
  • Consulting service
  • Implementation of turnkey solutions

Increase the reliability of critical electrical and automation installations

A rigorous scientific and systemic audit, analyzing all aspects of your electrical infrastructure: single points of failure, age of equipment, equipment criticality, safety aspects, training, etc., providing 4 financial and operational action plans (Maintenance, Modernization, Management, Monitoring) to increase reliability.


A comprehensive analysis of your automation equipment, network, HMIs, SCADA and Drives performed by a specialized maintenance and modernization consultant. The deliverables, in the form of a detailed report and a truly actionable executive summary will highlight system weaknesses, and offer prioritized solutions to improve overall availability and reliability.


Precise information on your energy efficiency

The energy audit is used to make a diagnosis of the energy consumption of your facilities in order to use the full potential of your infrastructure. Fundamental factor in the
profitability of your systems and processes, the audit will provide a detailed analysis of your energy consumption as well as solutions to improve efficiency, while taking advantage of electrical provider and government subsidies.


But what?



  • Replacement and/or upgrade of discontinued breakers
  • Refurbish Motor Control Center cubicles with state of the art components
  • Replace part-winding starters with soft starters or energy efficient variable speed drives
  • Modernize outdated automated systems