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Data centers

Solutions from pole to plug

A consultative sales approach based on specific availability and efficiency needs

Comprehensive solutions for all 4 sectors of your data center

Techno-Contact distributes designs, adapts, and integrates products and solutions to ensure the reliability and availability of your data center while maximizing the efficiency of your installation. Our powerful estimation tools allow us to inform you of your different technology options and their impact on CAPEX and OPEX of your data center project.


20% faster, up to 30% energy savings!

By sourcing your equipment thru Techno-Contact, you benefit from a full commitment of our resources, from the very beginning of your project. Since we specialize in high availability applications, we are able to offer the best solutions. Techno-Contact establishes itself as the first one-stop shop in Quebec for data center physical infrastructure.


Electrical Room
Mechanical Room
White space
Monitoring and Control

Powerful tools, available to our customers

  • Design and layout of white space
  • Data center budget capital cost evaluation
  • Energy efficiency and OPEX calculation
  • 24hrs services
  • Deployment and installation
  • system commissioning
  • Load bank testing
  • Preventive maintenance
  • Extended warranty

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Infra-Strucxure a modular offer that integrates cabinets, intelligent power distribution, hot aisle containment and supervision environmental. 


For faster deployment of your equipment, integrated management capabilities and a small carbon footprint.


Electrical Network Automation

Automation and systems integration have existed for many years. Proven concepts in the heavy industry, our expertise in the field of high-availability applications allows us to apply them to data centers.

Effective integration requires the use of modular control platforms, reliable networks, and ideally must be open (MULTI-VENDOR). Most control & power equipment, UPSs, CRACs CRAHs, etc. have communication capabilities, often built-in.


The art of automation not only resides in the technology, but specifically in how we integrate it all, how we “digest” the information, how it is made available to users and ultimately in the flexibility of the control and diagnostic capabilities we provide for your site.