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In addition to our standard products offering, our range of value-added services will help you to be more effective, safer, and more productive.

Industry and buildings

Parts sales, custom manufacturing and energy management

Solutions for your industrial projects



  • A 13,000 sq.ft distribution center and parts counter conveniently located.
  • The most recognized brands on the market.
  • A team of experts who know how to speak “project”.
  • Knowledge of product applications.
  • Value-added service offers
  • Logistics services adapted to the challenges of the industry (project management, design and adaptation, implementation and follow-up)



Techno-Contact stands out as a true industrial distributor. We represent the most recognized brands for the industrial and buildings markets. We are technically fluent with the products we represent and their application. Our engineering department allows us to design or adapt a product tailored to precisely meet customer needs.
Whether for new applications, replacement or modernization of existing equipment, by trusting Techno-Contact, you benefit from the expertise of engineers and technicians who can advise you at every step.


Where we stand out in solutions for industry and buildings



  • Low and medium voltage switchgear projects
  • Manuals transfer switches (standard and custom)
  • Automatic transfer switches (open or closed transition, with or without bypass) 
  • Power transformers, liquid-filled or dry
  • Panelboards 120/208V, 347/600V, 250Vdc
  • Ground fault detection
  • Assembly, integration and commissioning of variable speed drives
  • Energy management (link to power management)
  • Energy studies, ARCFLASH studies, reliability studies for critical electrical networks and automated processes
  • Lighting Control
  • Modernization of switchgear and Motor control Centers


Our inventory of industrial products

  • Electrical distribution, including transformers
  • Enclosures and cabinets
  • Motor control (IEC and NEMA)
  • Detection products, photoelectric, inductive, ultrasonic, etc.
  • Machine Safety products
  • Automation products
  • Variable speed drives (enclosed and customized in 24hrs)
  • Soft Starters
  • Energy meters
  • Industrial connectors, including compression and mechanical lugs
  • Combination magnetic starters
    (customized in 24 hrs)