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Specialists in power electronics

• Commissioning

• Equipment modernization

• DC to AC conversion

• Repair

• Maintenance

Techno-Contact elite will focus on the sales and support of the complete Schneider line of critical power and cooling  product, software, and service offerings (namely APC, MGE, Netbotz and Struxureware brands). 

Both in-house and onsite expertise are now available to all Techno-Contact customers and business partners to design, supply, and integrate these elite solutions into their IT applications, as well as critical industrial processes.

Solutions + design :

• UPS and power distribution

• Precision cooling


• Preventative maintenance services

• Data center optimization

Minetec specializes in the manufacture of electrical panels for motor control and industrial automation. Our reputation is built on the quality of work and the respect of deadlines. Minetec offers its customers concepts and solutions to reduce costs while respecting the requirements and particularities.

Major Product Lines